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TripSaver Dropout Recloser Now Offered In Two New 25-kV Models

S&C’s TripSaver Dropout Recloser is now offered in two new 25-kV (29-kV max) models: 50 A nominal, 2 kA interrupting and 100 A nominal, 4 kA interrupting.

TripSaver — winner of the 2007 Chicago Innovation Award Competition — is suited for lateral circuits that frequently experience momentary faults. It eliminates the permanent outages that can result when lateral fuses operate in response to these momentary faults. TripSaver also eliminates momentary interruptions on feeders in instances where the substation breaker is tripped to save the lateral fuse during a momentary fault.

This self-powered, electronically controlled vacuum recloser can be installed in new or existing cutout mountings. A two-insulator branch-feeder style mounting is also available for new installations. TripSaver requires no programming or batteries for back-up power.

TripSaver features an open-close-open-dropout operating sequence with a 5-second reclosing time interval. The interrupter resets five seconds after dropout, ready for the next operation. The first opening operation uses a very fast 2 to 3.5 cycle-clearing time. The second opening operation uses a time-current characteristic equivalent to either a “K” Speed or “T” Speed fuse curve. This operating sequence provides excellent coordination with the substation breaker and downstream transformer fuses.

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