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Transformer Protection Relay Offers Advanced Communications and Diagnostics

Transformer Protection Relay Offers Advanced Communications and Diagnostics

GE Digital Energy's Multilin 345 Transformer Protection Relay provides users with a technologically advanced, easy-to-use, and cost-effective overcurrent transformer protection relay. The Multilin 345, part of the Multilin SR 3-series of relays, is a microprocessor-based system for primary and backup protection of low- and medium-voltage power transformers.

The robust Multilin 345 streamlines user workflow processes and simplifies engineering tasks such as configuration, wiring, testing, commissioning, and maintenance. With an advanced mechanical design the Multilin 345’s unique construction offers effortless draw-out without the need to disconnect communication cables or short CTs on the terminal block. It enables fast installation, retrofit, and reduced lifecycle costs.

Flexible communication options with multi-protocol support, including IEC 61850 GOOSE across multiple ports, helps ensure the Multilin 345 can be seamlessly integrated into new and existing infrastructures. With single step configuration the Multilin 345 delivers fast, intuitive installation and configuration minimizing costly maintenance and system downtime.

The Multilin 345 offers asset monitoring and diagnostics, preventative maintenance reporting, and security features that directly address key application concerns. Its enhanced system diagnostics analyze fault and power system disturbances. Additionally, its Security Audit Trail allows users to monitor security and change of protection settings.

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