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Transformer Monitor Functions as a Data Concentrator

The Transformer Advantage from Weschler Instruments can interface legacy transformer sensors to substation networks and alarm systems. The analog/digital input function accepts up to eight external ac, dc, switch or logic inputs. The output from a sudden pressure switch, low oil detector, tap position sensor or other transformer gage can be monitored by the Weschler unit, along with oil, winding and LTC temperatures. The Transformer Advantage also links these external devices to control relays and alarms, with adjustable high and low limits for each channel.

With the Transformer Advantage, utilities can remotely monitor transformer gages and sensors through their substation network. Linking these devices through the Transformer Advantage is more cost-effective than interfacing each device directly to the network. It also is particularly useful for older gages that lack a digital communication capability. Connection can be through a twisted pair cable or optical fiber.

The analog/digital input option can be utilized on new or installed transformers, and is available on all Weschler Advantage models.

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