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Transformer Management Unit Protects Power Transformers

Beckwith Electric has introduced the M-2000 TMU (Transformer Management Unit) designed to monitor, control and protect power transformers while maintaining the transformer in top operating condition and extending transformer life. The M-2000 TMU features LTC (Load Tap Changer) top oil temperature monitoring, LTC tank temperature monitoring, cooling fan control, cooling system inlet and outlet temperature monitoring, LTC motor current monitoring excessive tapchange operations, cabinet ambient temperature monitoring, hot spot alarm, and LTC predictive maintenance alarms.

Top Oil vs. LTC tank oil delta temperature detects arcing in the LTC mechanism, and there are two independent top oil temperature settings with delta alarm detection that senses error or circuit failure.

Preventive maintenance protection and alarms including motor current and long tap sequence can enable LTC lock out to prevent damage. I

The M-2000 TMU also senses cooling system inlet and outlet temperatures to detect fan failures. When settings are biased with load conditions, nuisance alarms are prevented, and automatic load reduction or protective trip can be initiated. The M-2000 TMU also has a backup control that prevents LTC run away.

The M-2000 TMU permits operation; remotely from SCADA or substation host, remotely from engineering workstation, or locally using graphic HMI (Human Machine Interface) with mimic display.

The M-2000 can be configured via the serial port using customer interface software or locally through the graphic LCD HMI, using the front panel pushbuttons for configuring or data inquiry.

2t monitoring of switching current levels can adjust predictive maintenance cycles on a daily basis.

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