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Three-Phase Controller Monitors Distribution Capacitor Banks

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) has released the SEL-734B Monitor and Capacitor Bank Control. Application of the SEL-734B on distribution capacitor banks enables precise control to improve power quality and system efficiency. Remote communications and control over DNP3 make advanced volt/VAR control possible, while the system’s per-phase control and harmonic inhibitor logic improve power quality.

An optional enclosure provides weather-tight protection and space to mount network radios, power supplies, and encrypting transceivers. The enclosure’s standard connectors enable a true plug-and-play system necessary for distribution automation and smart grid projects.

The SEL-734B control system includes the features and benefits already known to users of the SEL-734 Advanced Metering System. The addition of optional Ethernet communications, DNP3 protocol, and digital or analog I/O allows for safe, simple integration of the SEL-734B with new and existing capacitor banks. Standard SELogic capability and optional I/O points provide flexibility in capacitor bank, generator, and transfer switch control.

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