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Testing and Repair Company Assists with Iowa Flood Recovery Efforts

Shermco Industries, a provider of rotating apparatus and electrical power system testing, recently dispatched omore than 60 employees to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to work on repairs at a flood-damaged manufacturing facility.

The Shermco team will assess flood damages to the facility’s electrical equipment and rotating apparatus and decide which parts to repair and which ones need to be completely replaced. Many companies, when faced with damages caused by flood waters can unnecessarily spend an exorbitant amount of money and valuable time when a decision is made to replace the affected equipment completely with new, says Ron Widup, executive vice president of Shermco Industries.

“In devastating situations like flooding, there is a lot of money and down time that can be saved by bringing in a company such as ours to see what equipment can actually be salvaged and repaired, while still maintaining system reliability and performance” said Widup. “It’s those first critical decisions that are made that can make lasting repercussions as to how quickly, or how slowly, a damaged facility is returned to pre-flood operational status.”

Arriving in Cedar Rapids in mid-June, the Shermco staff members are expected to return from Iowa in September. An additional 80 staff members are working on the flood efforts from Shermco’s Irving home base.

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