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Test Set Measures 12-kV Insulation Power/Dissipation Factor

A fully automatic 12-kV insulation power/dissipation factor (tan delta) test set is the latest offering from Megger. Features include:

  • Intelligent temperature correction (patent pending)
  • High noise suppression
  • Automatic voltage dependence correction (patent pending)
  • Lightest and most rugged two-piece design

By generating its own test signal, the DELTA4000 Series enables a clean, reliable signal and the highest accuracy. Its light weight and compact design makes it easily transportable, and saves on shipping costs. The frequency range allows the precise measurements quickly and accurately.

A feature that enables a true temperature condition — intelligent temperature correction — shows the correct temperature measurement taken at high and low temperatures. A method for detecting voltage dependence to determine the need for a tip-up test is the automatic voltage dependence detection.

With automatic and manual operation, the DELTA4000 is easy to use and is designed for tough work environments. Enhanced safety features reduce the risk of catastrophic failure of equipment and prevent injury to personnel. Its intuitive software packages are easy to use and have the ability to interface with other transformer units.

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