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Temperature Calibrators Simplify Probe, Transmitter Maintenance

Wahl Instruments Inc. offers two affordable, rugged and user friendly, pocket temperature calibrators designed specifically to simplify the maintenance and commissioning of today’s reliable and accurate thermocouple and RTD probes and transmitters in the harshest environments.

The Wahl TC621 pocket thermocouple calibrator can both measure and simulate with a high accuracy of 0.02% of reading, a temperature coefficient as low as 15 ppm/°C, and 14 different thermocouple outputs.

The Wahl TC622 pocket RTD Calibrator can both measure and simulate with an accuracy of 0.02% of reading, a very low temperature coefficient of 10 ppm/°C, and 12 different RTD types.

Both models feature a simulation mode to create simple and cyclical ramps; synthesizer mode for sending predefined values with programmed frequency; and steps mode for sending values with programmable frequency and amplitude. Scaling allows for the correction of probe errors and is performed using up to 10 segments.

Measurement mode features the ability to create a database to design curves for sensors, after calibration, in relationship with the corrections shown on a calibration report. Also, data can be recorded either manually on event or automatically with user- programmed frequency. Data with a time stamp can be displayed as a list or curves.

Standard accessories for both models include: protective boot, set of two test leads, four AA batteries, wrist strap, user manual on CD, NIST certificate and case. An optional rechargeable battery pack/charger is also available.

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