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Telvent to Upgrade 20 Electric Substations for Spain's Endesa

Telvent GIT S.A. has signed a 1.5 million euro contract to upgrade 20 electric substations for Endesa Distribucion Electrica (Endesa). This project, which will be executed in 2006 and 2007, is part of the Tramontana Plan, under which Endesa will provide an additional 4800 MW of power in the Catalonia region of Spain.

Consumption of electricity has increased significantly in Catalonia over recent years, and the upgrading to be conducted by Telvent will greatly enhance electricity service quality and guarantee supply to customers. Telvent will provide in-house technology equipment for remote control of the installations and to protect them against incidents on the electricity transmission network.

According to Manuel Sanchez Ortega, Telvent's chairman and chief executive officer, "Our technology will help Endesa to meet the increase in demand for electricity that the region is experiencing. Our systems offer a high degree of reliability, availability and security and will provide Endesa with the necessary tools to optimize the efficiency of its operations and the quality of service offer to clients."

Since 2000, Telvent has supplied more than 200 integrated control and protection systems to Endesa, as well as numerous other companies in the electric sector. These include the design and execution of communication network control systems for Red Electrica Espanola, the automatic residential metering reading system for Vattenfall ElDistribution AB, the telecontrol project for the medium tension network for Union Fenosa, which uses Telvent technology for communicating with more than 8000 data collection points, and a variety of other energy control systems including the management of the optical fiber network for Iberdrola.

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