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Telvent to Provide Control Systems for 500 km of Lines in Brazil

Telvent has announced the signing of a more than three-million-euro contract to provide control systems to monitor more the 500 km of power transmission lines for the National Electric Energy Agency of Brazil (ANEEL).

Telvent will provide the protection, control and monitoring system for the transmission lines that link the northeast Brazilian regions of Maraba, Itacaiunas, Collins, and Carajas.

The company will also provide the communications infrastructure required for the system’s operation. Telvent’s OASyS technology will be used for the project, allowing automatic monitoring of line status, incident control, and presentation of reports to control center operators, thereby enhancing power transmission in the region.

According to Telvent’s chairman and chief executive officer, Manuel Sanchez Ortega, “ANEEL is the regulating body for Brazil’s electric sector and signing this contract certainly strengthens our position in the country’s energy infrastructure sector. We see this a strategic contract in a country whose electric sector offers great growth potential.”

Telvent has been present in Latin America for more than 17 years. It is a market that currently represents more than 30% of sales. Telvent has executed projects in the energy sector such as that awarded by Latin America’s most important energy group, Enersis, to upgrade the energy control centers of its electrical subsidiaries, Edegel and Edelnor.

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