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Telkonet and GE Energy Develop Integrated Substation Monitoring System

Telkonet, Inc. has signed an exclusive supply agreement with GE Energy to co-develop an innovative custom product that enables vital remote monitoring and management of utility substation equipment. Over the next six months, GE will commence the first installation phase involving customers in North America to further develop and refine the product, customizing it to be compatible with all the various types of substation equipment.

Over the past year, GE Energy conducted extensive laboratory and field testing of the Telkonet iWire System successfully; Telkonet’s system met the rigorous performance and reliability requirements, as well as the environmental standards for both AC and DC operating environments, for GE Energy and the utility marketplace.

The Telkonet iWire System leverages the existing electrical wiring inside a substation to enable high-speed network connectivity, eliminating the need for new wiring or cabling. The data collected from GE Energy’s monitoring systems can be transmitted remotely to any location via a broadband Internet connection, enabling utilities to monitor the conditions of the transformers, reroute power and efficiently manage the energy supply.

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