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TechImp to Present On-line Partial Discharge Monitoring Seminar

LIOS Technology has announced that TechImp will present the latest technology related to on-line Partial Discharge (PD) Monitoring during its public seminar in Cologne on May 27..

A demonstration of the global monitoring system including PD and temperature sensing in cables will also given at POWERGRID Europe on May 26-28, in Koeln Messe, Cologne Germany, booth Hall 7, E52.

TechImp and LIOS Technology provide innovative diagnostic technologies applied to electrical engineering, with emphasis into partial discharge detection, distributed temperature sensing and dynamic cable rating.

Please register for the technical seminar by email at [email protected] by May 20, 2009.

Other events on modern power management:
27 May 2009 / 15:00 – at LIOS head office
Technical Seminar on Global Condition Monitoring of T&D assets
27 May 2009 / 18:00 – at LIOS head office
Festive LIOS Head Office Opening Event
26 - 28 May 2009 – at KoelnMesse (Cologne exhibition centre)
POWERGRID Europe, LIOS booth Hall 7, E52

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