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System Tests All Types of Circuit Breakers

The TDR900 from Doble Engineering is a state-of-the-art Circuit Breaker Test System engineered to test all types of circuit breakers. The TDR900 provides efficient and accurate performance measurements for circuit breakers. It allows simple to complex testing of circuit breakers using a single, rugged, field-portable instrument.

The TDR900 is a single-box solution, providing the accuracy of a laboratory instrument with durability for field use. The complete test reports are provided in MS Excel format.

The instrument offers a user-friendly PC interface. The new T-Doble Software with its intuitive control panel provides quick, efficient and simple testing of circuit breakers.

It also features a high-accuracy motion recording. A patented digital rotary and linear transducer provide early diagnosis of mechanical problems. It detects main contact and resistor switch timing errors. Other analog transducers are supported as well

The accuracy of test results is unaffected by the severe conditions of electrostatic and electromagnetic interference, normally present in harsh substation environments.

TDR900 controls circuit breaker trip and close commands, allowing the user to perform the following operations:

  • Trip (O)
  • Close (C)
  • Reclose (O-0.3s-C)
  • Tripfree (CO)
  • O-CO
  • O-0.3s-CO
  • First Trip (O)
  • First Close (C)
  • Slow Close (C)
  • Self Diagnostics
The TDR900 comes with New T-Doble Software for improved data management capability.
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