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System Monitors Critical Transformers, Supporting Systems

Tstat from Maintenance Strategies Inc. is a cost-effective condition monitoring system that provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution for the remote monitoring of critical transformers and their supporting systems/components (LTC’s, fans, pumps, selector switches).

The system collects and analyzes key operating parameters and event data, and provides users with web-based access to real-time data, alarms, trends, condition status summaries, and reports. This coupled with an advanced analysis and algorithm engine, reduces time spent reviewing data and provides useful recommendations for managing and optimizing transformer performance and maintenance.

The system features:

  • 24/7 condition monitoring
  • Full complement of sensors for collection of routine operating data and trip/event data
  • Patented communication provides low-cost installation
  • Advanced algorithms for expert data analysis
  • Automated alarming and notification provides early warning indication
  • Secure web access to all circuit breaker data/information
  • Capability to interface and move data from 3rd-party devices
  • Quick and simple installation
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