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System Measures Voltage, Current, Power of Transformers

The Model LMS 2000/100 from HV Technologies is a complete three-phase transformer measuring system designed to measure voltage, current and power for power frequency testing of medium and large power transformers. Each phase is monitored separately by components that have been licensed to Measurements International (the principal of HV TECHNOLOGIES, Inc.) by the National Research Council of Canada. This measurement system complies with the latest specifications dealing with the "Calibration of Test System Measuring of Losses of Transformers."

The measurement capability of the Model LMS 2000/100 is 2000 A at 100 kV at 50/60 Hz. Systems can be built to operate at higher currents and higher voltages.

The system is completely automated and requires no manual intervention during operation. Individual or continuous measurements can be made. The operating system is Windows-based.

The components of the Transformer Loss Measuring System have exceptional reliability, having been in operation for over 5 years in the rugged transformer test environment. The system is not affected by electromagnetic fields.

Each Wattmeter has an independent 2-V full-scale output provided for sampling the waveform during measurements.

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