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System Measures Dissipation Factor, Capacitance

The LDV-6 system from HV Technologies is a high-precision, modular acquisition and analysis system for measuring current and key characteristics of electrical equipment, including dissipation factor and capacitance. Complete electrical insulation between acquisition units and the control station provide superior safety in high voltage test setups. High-resolution digital processing enables exceptional measurement precision. The user-friendly software features various real-time visualization and monitoring options and integrates with multiple LDIC products.

The system features a modular design, consisting of two acquisition units, a PC adapter box and a PC. USB 2 technology allows for plug-and-play with any recent desktop, rack-mount or laptop computer. Complete electrical insulation between acquisition units and control station is afforded by optical fibers, each of which can be up to 2 km in length. This guarantees unprecedented safety and flexibility.

It offers virtually maintenance-free operation. No controls are present on the acquisition units. All functions are available under remote control from the software and no direct user interaction is required.

The LDV-6 features digital technology and advanced software design. High-speed and high-resolution A/D converters coupled with sophisticated digital processing algorithms deliver accuracy.In standby mode, each acquisition unit consumes less than 10 mW. The LDV-6 features an 8-level input gain control that is adjustable via the software. Its high-sensitive input reliably resolves currents as low as 50 µA. An on-board shunt, individually adjustable under software control, enables input currents of up to 100 mA to be directly measured without the need for an external shunt. Optional, external shunts up to 25 A are available.
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