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Synchrophasor Processor Can be Installed in Control Centers

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) today has introduced the SEL-3306 Synchrophasor Processor, forming the core of an integrated synchrophasor data collection and distribution system.

The SEL-3306 provides real-time synchrophasor data concentration, protocol conversion, and media conversion in one device. Built on the same platform as SEL rugged computers, with no moving parts or fans, the synchrophasor processor can be installed in control centers or harsh substation environments. It offers specialized hardware that provides 15 serial port connections, two independent Ethernet ports, and a 1.1 GHz Pentium processor. The SEL-3306 complies with the new IEEE C37.118 standard. It allows the user to examine synchrophasor data from up to 40 phasor measurement units (PMUs), using this new standard as well as IEEE 1344 and SEL Fast Message protocols.

Synchrophasor data coordinated from many sources empower the user to easily access and interpret such important information as phase angle, voltage magnitudes, and rate of change of frequency. Real-time viewing of the system state provides system controllers with needed information to react to changing conditions. Precise time-synchronization and detailed data archiving also improve event analysis. Adding SEL-5078 SYNCHRO WAVE Console Software aids in situational awareness and provides multiple screen viewing options.

“There are tens of thousands of SEL-421, -451, and -311 relays installed with synchrophasor capability. The SEL-3306 Synchrophasor Processor ties these, and older legacy PMUs, into a complete wide-area measurement system with an ease that older technology just couldn’t provide,” said SEL Senior Product Manager Roy Moxley.

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