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Switch Provides Fully Automated Transmission Line Switching

S&C has extended its Alduti-Rupter Switch product line with a new 69-kV model. When equipped with an LS-2 Switch Operator and Model 5801 Automatic Switch Control with IntelliTEAM II Automatic Restoration System, the new Alduti-Rupter Switch provides fully automated transmission line switching.

Although problems on transmission lines occur less frequently than at lower voltages, outages--when they do occur--are extensive because multiple substations and feeders are affected. IntelliTEAM II can minimize the duration of service disruption for tens of thousands of customers and improve reliability statistics.

Springfield Electric Department, in Springfield, Tennessee, recently installed two 69-kV Alduti-Rupter Switches in an IntelliTEAM II system. The associated Model 5801 Controls communicate via UtiliNet WanGate Radios and have been configured to provide automatic source-transfer operation after the preferred-source breaker experiences a second trip. Overcurrent-lockout logic blocks source-transfer operation in the event of a fault between the switches.

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