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Surge Generator Feature Multi-Stage Surge Capacitors

HDW Electronics' SWG series surge generators are designed with switchable, multi-stage surge capacitors and three voltage ranges. This design offers an advantage over single-stage capacitor units by allowing the user to minimize the surge voltage and maximize the surge energy and fault current.

The voltage in each range can be adjusted continuously, and a single pulse release or timed pulse repetition is available. The SWG offers a 32-kV Hipot function as well as a powerful burn capability (up to 320 mA). The SWG series can be used for primary fault locating in combination with pinpointing devices. By adding a TDR and a surge pulse coupler, the unit can perform surge pulse prelocating. By adding a power filter (ARM filter) the unit can perform the arc reflection prelocating.

Both units are particularly qualified for fault locating on long cables with large cross-sections as well as on PILC cables and duct-bank systems.

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