Solution Enables Real-Time Monitoring and Maintenance of Aging Assets

Ventyx, an ABB company, has unveiled a new solution for managing the health of mission-critical assets underpinning the operations of companies in asset-intensive industries. Available now for electric transmission companies worldwide, the Ventyx Asset Health Center will also be available in future releases to support electric distribution, power generation and mining.

Developed by Ventyx and ABB in partnership with American Electric Power (AEP), one of the largest electric utilities in the United States, the new Ventyx Asset Health Center solution for transmission companies represents a significant step forward in asset management that fully leverages utilities’ new smart grid technology investments. By integrating real-time data generated by operational technology (OT) systems with transactional and historical data housed in information technology (IT) software, the solution offers utilities access to more timely and actionable insights into the health of vital transmission network assets. Armed with a real-time analysis of asset health across the entire transmission network, utilities can reduce unplanned outages caused by asset failure, and increase service reliability to their customers.  

Since 2009, AEP has been partnering with ABB and Ventyx to develop a similar pioneering asset health platform supporting AEP’s business. Incorporating the wealth of operational and diagnostic experience provided by AEP and ABB, the Ventyx Asset Health Center is now available to all transmission owners and operators.

At its core, the Asset Health Center manages the collection of data from across the transmission grid, automating what is otherwise a time-consuming manual process performed by highly skilled individuals. It then applies advanced analytics to real-time, transactional and historical data to achieve more timely insight into asset performance across the grid, helping to drive decisions and actions that maximize asset health and performance. It further advances this process by delivering real-time visibility through a comprehensive set of business intelligence dashboards customized for transmission operations.


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