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Software Visualizes Networks, Supervises Complex Traffic and Events

Software Visualizes Networks, Supervises Complex Traffic and Events

Moxa has unveiled the MXview industrial network management software (iNMS) package for industrial Ethernet automation networks, a powerful Web-based network management tool with advanced functions. MXview supports up to 500 network devices across distributed subnets, including Moxa’s industrial Ethernet switches and wireless products or any SNMP-enabled devices. MXview can scan your entire network to create a visual map of your network to help network administrators quickly discover, monitor, and troubleshoot complex traffic and network events.

Using either the live-view topology map realized by LLDP protocol or historical event database, MXview users can check network status and health using either the live-view topology map with a live-view topology map created with the LLDP protocol or the historical event database. A simple, user-friendly browser-based UI quickly identifies failure points for rapid real-time monitoring and troubleshooting. MXview supports alert notifications using SMS and email messages with SNMP inform, centralized configuration and firmware management, and OPC technology to ensure efficient event handling, simple device maintenance, and easy integration with the SCADA/HMI system. This rich feature set makes MXview a network management solution for monitoring and troubleshooting Ethernet networks instantly and easily, and gives system administrators total control over the status of an entire industrial network.

Features include:

  • Automatic network device discovery and visualization
  • Monitor up to 500 network devices with real-time event notification
  • Centralized management of configurations and firmware for Moxa devices
  • Comprehensive event logs and historical traffic statistics simplifies troubleshooting
  • SCADA/HMI integration through OPC
  • Network management through the web browser
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