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Omicron primary test manager

Software Supports Diagnostic Testing of Power Equipment

The Primary Test Manager (PTM) software supports diagnostic testing of power transformers, circuit breakers, current transformers and associated equipment like bushings and tap changers. PTM was the first to automate the creation of asset-specific, guided test plans, together with dynamic test connection diagrams based on user identification and matching of nameplate parameters such as ratings and vector diagrams.

Because PTM is the interface software that drives OMICRON’s multifunctional test system CPC100 + CP TD1, PTM provides this guidance for a wide range of diagnostic tests according to the latest industry standards and guidelines. Due to an integrated high-performance database, electrical assets and the associated test plans can be managed easily.

PTM with screen

Features include:

  • Test Connection Diagrams
  • Guided Test Procedures
  • Graphical and Tabular Test Results
  • Auto-Assessment of Test Results
  • Custom Reporting

In combination with OMICRON’s CPC100 + CP TD1 test system, PTM covers all of the traditional tests such as Power Factor, Exciting Current, Leakage Reactance, Turns Ratio, and DC Winding Resistance and generates one single report including all items. Due to its unique capabilities, the test system features a range of additional advanced tests, which increase the diagnostic reach of the traditional tests and can be included in the test plan:

  • Variable Frequency Power Factor (15 Hz to 400 Hz)
  • Frequency Response of Stray Losses (FRSL)
  • Dynamic Winding Resistance (Slope & Ripple) 

OMICRON’s development team, leveraging their original roots in software development and integrating their knowledge in the operation and assessment of power apparatus, has equipped the latest version with a set of new features:

  • Extended Auto-Assessment for Power Transformers and Bushings
  • Easily compare multiple Test Results in a single View
  • DEMAG your Transformer using a new Test in PTM + CPC 100
  • Automated Turns Ratio Test for Phase-shifting Transformers
  • Now compatible with Windows 8 & 8.1 Operating Systems

primary test manager


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