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Software Simplifies Insulating Oil Test

The new software “ITS Lite” of BAUR Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH, Sulz (Austria) makes it easy to enter, analyze and archive data during the insulating oil test.

The software can read the measurement results of the BAUR oil testers DPA 75 C, DTA 100 C, DTA 100 C Inline and DTL C automatically via USB interface and create log printouts or file outputs. With this, the time-consuming preparation of conclusive measurement logs is a thing of the past. The reporting of ITS Lite offers a choice between easy to ready PDF files (where you can integrate your company logo) or a text file in tabular format. Finally, it allows you to import and analyze the content with external software, which in turn simplifies statistics management considerably.

ITS Lite supports 12 languages for the user interface and log output, runs on customary PCs in the market under Windows XP, Vista and 7 and is delivered with a printed manual. You can ask the manufacturer for a free 30-day demo version of ITS Lite or refer to the website.

ITS Lite allows for fully automated insulating material testing in combination with the BAUR oil tester DTA 100 C Inline. The new device is used for automatic testing of the dielectric strength of insulating liquids in mobile or stationary oil preparation units during operation. It has an automatic cleaning mechanism for the inline test cell. Inline tests according to 19 implemented test standards and predefined measurement cycles. In addition, it offers space for 10 programmable test sequences.

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