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Software Release Supports Personal Energy Management

Landis+Gyr has released a system upgrade that provides a secure interface for personal energy management devices deployed as part of a Gridstream RF smart grid network.

Command Center 4.0 provides end-to-end support for the Zigbee Smart Energy Profile, including Elliptic Curve Cryptograpy-based security. Using this interface, the metering network can connect devices such as in-home displays, thermostats, and direct load control devices in the home-area network to enhance consumer involement in energy management.

The system is compatible with any SEP1.0 certified device. Landis+Gyr performed interoperability tests with a variety of personal management device manufacturers, including Tendril, LS Research and Energate. Command Center 4.0 also supports the Landis+Gyr ecoMeter in-home display.

The personal energy management interface in Command Center not only provides two-way communications with networked devices but also can serve as a link between the utility and consumer web portals and other devices to give consumers online access to data and control over appliance and HVAC settings.

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