Smart Sensor Offers Theft Detection

IUS Technologies has created a line of smart sensors to aid utilities in their battle against energy theft. A subsidiary of the South Korean Vitzro Group, IUS designed its newest sensors — the TD1000 and TD2000 — from the ground up to empower utilities to remotely monitor power usage specific to energy theft.

The TD1000 and TD 2000 remote smart sensors include single- and three-phase monitoring, customizable kilowatt-hour monitoring, unsolicited messaging and alerts, while retaining IUS’s standard of accuracy of up to 0.2%. Compact and economical, the TD line of sensors provides power-usage data that can be compared with AMI/AMR smart meter readings to pinpoint illegal or unauthorized power usage immediately and put the electric utilities back in control.

The sensors report True-RMS voltage and current values, frequency, active/reactive/apparent power, power factor, THD/ TDD values and phasor measurements that aid in distribution automation, volt/VAR optimization and theft detection.


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