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Simulator Offers Alternative to Operating High-Voltage Circuit Breakers

Simulator Offers Alternative to Operating High-Voltage Circuit Breakers

The Barrington Model CBS (circuit breaker simulator) was designed to be a convenient, lightweight alternative to operating high-voltage circuit breakers while testing the operation of substation protection relays.

Users can prove the trip and close operations while doing routine and commission testing of protective relay operations.

The Circuit Breaker Simulator operates on both 48 VDC and 125 VDC systems. Trip and close connectors are provided for protective relay inputs. Six auxiliary contacts are provided for various test connections. Three normally closed contacts and three normally open contacts are available.

The simulator has built-in protection against accidental reverse polarity or misapplied source voltages. Manual close and trip micro-switch push-buttons are provided for user convenience. Indicating pilot lamps are 100,000 hour rated super bright LEDs.

The simulator weighs 8.5 lbs. and measures 14 inches x 10 inches x 7 inches.

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