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Simulation Software Effectively Models Voltage Interference

INTEGRATED Engineering Software has developed a new feature for its ELECTRO electric field solver software, which accurately models transients such as lightening strikes. The new feature allows analysis of Full Wave Impulse Transient sources. These classes of failures are the result of squirrels entering high-voltage equipment areas to actual lightning strikes. Engineers may use this new feature to design equipment to better handle these problems. These signals are required for Basic Impulse Level (BIL) testing.

Bruce Klimpke, technical director at INTEGRATED, commented, "When lightening travels through an electric device such as a surge arrestor, it creates a large amount of excess voltage. The software shows in detail how a device will behave and be affected when it is faced with surplus power. This is beneficial to engineers as they can model devices and perfect them to blink or create a 'disrupted signal' when struck with interferences. Carrying out this sort of test using an actual prototype would be extremely expensive and in some cases virtually impossible. This software will lead to safer and more efficient designing of high voltage equipment."

Transient surge waveforms are typically defined by equations of the form, which produce a sharp rise to a crest value followed by a slow decay. However, impulse test signals are usually specified by the required peak value, the time to reach crest, and the time to decay to half of crest value. INTEGRATED's Full Wave Impulse feature allows users the freedom to enter impulse parameters directly, without needing to first solve complex equations; thus saving the designer time.

ELECTRO can also be used to model difficult transient simulations, such as 27KV systems, which are required to with stand electrical impulses of 127 KV without sustaining damage. ELECTRO has another feature called the Material Manager. This allows designers to utilize different materials in order to explore the possibility of finding a more cost effective way to build a device.

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