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Signal Conditioner Monitors Temperature in Transformers

FISO Technologies, a subsidiary of Roctest Ltd. and a manufacturer of fiber-optic sensors and measurement systems for challenging applications, introduces the Nortech TT. This simplified and cost-effective solution is now accessible for hot-spot monitoring of lower rating transformers.

The Nortech TT responds to the needs of direct, accurate and real-time hot-spot temperature measurement for the monitoring and maintenance of small and medium transformers. This system provides:

  • Accurate, direct and real-time knowledge of hot-spot temperature.
  • Heat run test data used to build an accurate thermal model of the transformer, which provides immediate assessment and in-depth information about the transformer design and assembly, allowing the utility to precisely monitor the transformer life and predict the transformer’s expected performance during normal load and overload.
  • Precise, real-time view of winding conditions is attributable to the Nortech TT’s capability of measuring temperature instantaneously when compared to top oil thermocouple, which are significantly slower to respond. The Nortech TT complements indirect measurements based on thermal models.
  • Mechanical and electrical capabilities are preserved through direct, accurate and reliable temperature monitoring.
  • Early warning will helps dentify possible fault conditions that could lead to equipment failures and unscheduled outages.

The Nortech TT fiber-optic signal conditioner is compatible with FISO’s fiber-optic temperature sensors used for design and validation. The multi-channel Nortech TT is available with or without display. Equipped with RS-232 and RS-485 ports, the Nortech TT offers MODBUS (ASCII, RTU) communication designed for easy integration to existing substation platforms. The use of this communication protocol allows simple and customizable data acquisition integration according to your specific needs. The signal conditioner also offers two possible configurations for the analog output, 0-1mA or 4-20mA. All operational parameters are easily programmable using the RS-232 port and FISO’s Windows-based software.

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