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Siemens to Supply Southern Company’s Energy Management System

Southern Co. has selected Siemens Power Transmission & Distribution, Inc.'s Spectrum Power 3 energy management system to monitor, control, and optimize the reliability of its transmission system consisting of over 27,000 miles of transmission lines, 3400 substations, and more than 300,000 acres of right of way.

Southern Company’s new energy management system (EMS) will replace systems at Georgia Power, Alabama Power, Mississippi Power, and Gulf Power, and a centralized Power Coordination Center, all with emergency back-up sites.

"The solution we are delivering to Southern Company not only provides the benefits of the latest future proof technology in the industry but also facilitates Southern Company’s ability to manage the life cycle cost of their system. Our delivery model includes long term services and upgrades after the system is commissioned, which ensures the system is maintained in a continuously current state well into the future,” stated Kevin Sullivan, vice president and general manager of Siemens Power Transmission & Distribution’s Energy Management & Automation division.

An energy management system is a complex system of computer-aided tools used by operators to monitor, control, and optimize the reliability of the transmission system. It gathers real-time data from substations, plants and neighboring utilities and delivers the data to operators, advanced power systems applications, and other supporting applications. The operators and associated applications then use the data to perform transmission system operations, modeling, analysis and other critical functions.

“Siemens’ system met our needs including the crucial security requirements necessary on a transmission system of our size and significance,” said Billy Ball, transmission planning and operations senior vice president. “Siemens’ solution provides Southern Company the ability to improve the services we provide to our customers and allows for future growth, at the same time maintaining the reliability of the electrical grid.”

The new Spectrum Power EMS by Siemens will help Southern Company meet future growth in its 120,000-square-mile service territory and better manage its transmission system, which meets North American Electric Reliability Council standards and provides a safe and reliable grid.

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