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Siemens PTI Announces New Sweeping Enhancements to its Distribution Portfolio

Siemens Power Transmission & Distribution, Inc., through its Siemens Power Technologies International group (Siemens PTI), recently announced new capabilities and organization across its entire distribution and industrial portfolio.

First, Siemens PTI has released its most recent version of PSS SINCAL -- the comprehensive distribution and industrial network planning and analysis tool. This new version of PSS SINCAL, adopted worldwide by utility and industrial companies and engineering consulting firms for basic and advanced network analyses, now adds advanced reliability calculations and extended protection coordination capabilities into its already comprehensive capabilities.

Second, Siemens PTI has also enhanced its Power Academy TD training offerings to include additional courses that extend the practical knowledge of distribution and industrial engineers. Power Academy TD's extensive curriculum empowers the student to improve their knowledge of planning methodologies and examines new technologies and trends. Increased system efficiencies and cost reductions result, enabling the utility to succeed better in today's competitive utility environment.

Finally, Siemens PTI's network consulting practice has expanded with distribution planning and industrial systems analysis capabilities. Siemens PTI's additional technical skills, extensive real world experience and electrical system knowledge are now available to the distribution and industrial sectors.

"Individually, any one of these product or service organizational changes would be significant. But, taken as a whole, they demonstrate Siemens PTI's commitment to provide the breadth, depth and unique cross-functional synergies in a solution that Siemens is delivering today to the distribution and industrial marketplace," said Kevin O'Hara, vice president and general manager of Siemens Power Transmission & Distribution, Inc., Service Solutions Division.

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