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Siemens to Provide Energy Monitoring and Metering Solutions for U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center

Siemens Energy and Automation, Inc. was selected to provide software and metering solutions as a member of CALIBRE's team to develop and implement a global Army Meter Data Management System (MDMS) for the U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center in Huntsville, Alabama. The project calls for the team to track, record and report energy consumption at U.S. Army facilities for the contract term with the goal of establishing energy consumption accountability by individual facilities. The Huntsville Center is responsible for managing the execution of the Army metering program and will advise other federal agencies in complying with the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct 2005 -Public Law 109-58).

Siemens expertise with power monitoring and power quality monitoring was a key factor in CALIBRE's decision to use Siemens Access meter data acquisition and reporting software as the basis of design for the Army's metering program that communicates with an enterprise solution. The highly flexible Access WinPM.Net power monitoring software uses an SQL database and supports a variety of programmable logic controllers (PLC). It also supports water, gas and power meters, including certain Modbus compatible devices. Additionally, its modular platform facilitates a cost effective expansion into future energy mediums, such as wind or geothermal co-generation.

"Our partnership with CALIBRE to provide an energy monitoring system for the U.S. Army demonstrates Siemens' commitment to helping the U.S. government sector meet the EPAct energy savings requirements, which benefit our economy as a whole. Our scalable, integrated metering products will provide solutions that fit any size facility to achieve the Army's long-term energy savings," says Tom Kopanski, vice president of Power Distribution & Controls, Siemens Energy & Automation.

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