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Siemens Acquires Software that Warns of Possible Blackouts

Siemens Energy has acquired Quickstab from SCS Info Tech in New York, a software package used to prevent blackouts in power supply grids, thus expanding its portfolio by a further key component for setting up smart grids. This software is already in use among utilities in Asia and Europe, Latin America and the USA. Quickstab can not only be used to enhance the stability of grids, but also provides for permanent monitoring, warning the control center when a power failure seems imminent on account of changes to grid utilization and flow of power within the grid.

Operating power supply grids without being familiar with their defined stability limits is always a risky matter. These limits shift continuously during operation, brought about by the changing load on the grid. The first step in avoiding blackouts is to render the grid operator capable of rapidly determining at any time how far the power supply grid actually is from a state of voltage instability or disconnection of power plant generators from the grid. The Spectrum Power grid control system, which Siemens has been providing for some time now with the blackout prevention software from SCS Info Tech, supports the grid operator in this endeavor.

Acquisition of this blackout prevention software from SCS now allows Siemens to offer utilities a complete package of real-time and off-line grid analysis and stability applications. Siemens will also be responsible, starting immediately, for worldwide sales and further development of the software.

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