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SF6 Gas Density Monitor Supports High-Voltage Circuit Breakers

Solon Manufacturing Co.'s Model Series 2TC SF6 Gas Density Monitors are compact, temperature-compensated pressure switches available with two, three or four SPDT electric switches.

The 2TC is designed for use in all high-voltage circuit breakers applications. The compact size of the unit allows easy and convenient mounting in any orientation. The 2TC is also available with an optional integral density gauge. This feature provides a clear, visual indication of the gas density relative to the breaker fill pressure and set points.

The 2TC is economically ideal when monitoring individual SF6 tanks. Installing the 2TC on individual phases reduces the need for numerous plumbing connections and the potential for costly leak points.

The 2TC has few moving parts, which adds to its accuracy and reliability. Bi-metal disks provide temperature compensation to the switching mechanism over a temperature range of -60oF to 180 oF. The 3mm/#6 screw terminal allows for numerous connections. The pressure sensing element consists of Phosphor Bronze bellows which are 100% leak inspected with Helium mass spectrometry to 10-8cc/sec.


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