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SF6 Analyzer Measures Purity, CF4, HF, Dewpoint and SO2

SF6 Analyzer Measures Purity, CF4, HF, Dewpoint and SO2

EMT Americas-EMT, dba EMT UK Ltd, has released the AsserolyzIR- multi-gas SF6 Asset management analyzer. This is an accurate and repeatable field analyzer for SF6, using new, patented NIDR technology to measure SF6 purity, CF4, HF, dewpoint and SO2(electrochemical).

Faced with new regulations from EPA and CARB, and with the global emphasis on reducing SF6 emissions, EMT took on the challenge to bring the laboratory to the field. For the first time, field service engineers can carry a 4-pound analyzer with touch-screen color display, one-button operation, connect directly to the circuit breaker or switchgear and take samples directly from the SF6 asset, store the data with user input ID, then move to the next one.

One 10-minute warm up in the morning, then five minutes per test, the EMT AsserolyzIR can run for up to five hours + on its internal Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack, allowing multiple tests to be one in substations where some locations may have up to 100 test points to sample. With other technologies available, instruments only measure up to three parameters requiring multiple instruments to be used, many of them weighing up to 50 lbs or more, and don’t operate on batteries.

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