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Service Monitors Intelliteam Restoration System

When tree growth blocks a radio signal or new construction increases line load — the effect of these changes can be detected by monitoring S&C Electric Co.'s IntelliTEAM II Automatic Restoration System. Then system configuration can be adjusted to get the best restoration performance for when an outage does occur.

S&C can remotely monitor the IntelliTEAM II System through a gateway modem installed in one of the controls. Either a dial-up modem or an Internet modem that has a static IP address can be used. IntelliLINK Remote Setup Software connects to every team member and retrieves data — manually for smaller systems, or with an automated data collection program for more complex systems. Historic event logs can be downloaded when required, and specific monitored data can be tracked to quantify performance:

  • Transmit, Retry, and Transmit Failure counters show communications reliability between specific radios;
  • Transfer Ready and New Coach Generated counters indicate IntelliTEAM II stability for specific teams; and
  • Transfer Event in Progress, and Transfer Event Cleared historic logs track source-transfer activity.

IntelliTEAM II can restore all unfaulted line segments, that can be supported by available source capacity, within one minute of fault isolation — and this has been routinely confirmed by the Remote Data Collection service.

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