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Sensortran Ships 33rd Temperature Sensing System to Moscow for Grid Management Project

SensorTran has reached a milestone in an ongoing effort to supply advanced Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) systems for deployment in Moscow. Over the last year SensorTran has supplied more than 30 units to local Russian integrator Sedatec for strategic deployment throughout the grid system that is powering Moscow.

In power cable monitoring applications, DTS technology is used for direct load characterization. By continuously monitoring the cables, temperature events (e.g., hot spots, cable damage, over-current conditions) are easily identified – reducing the risk of temperature related failures. Because the temperature is measured directly, rather than estimated based on load and environmental conditions, the usable capacity in monitored lines is maximized. The next generation of SensorTran DTS offerings will enable predictive Ampacity Estimation based on various load scenarios. This is accomplished by using dense temperature data collected over time to estimate the heat transfer characteristics of the cable. SensorTran is a member of the Gridwise Alliance and an active participant in defining underground cable infrastructure monitoring solutions for Smart Grid.

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