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Sensors Monitor Oil Condition

Sensors Monitor Oil Condition

Tan Delta offers a range of accurate oil condition monitoring solutions that monitor multiple critical oil parameters and provide instant real-time oil condition status reports.

Tan Delta has developed two solutions that can be easily implemented by transformer manufacturers and utility operators. Both leverage the performance of the OQS Series 2 oil sensor that uses patented technology to simultaneously monitor multiple elements in the oil to provide real-time data on the condition of the oil in the transformer.

The OQS Series 2 sensor itself can be permanently fitted to virtually any transformer and provide constant real-time data on the oil condition. This data can be integrated with existing monitoring systems or as a standalone system.

The unique Mobile Oil Testing Kit is used by maintenance teams to test oil immediately on site. This negates the normal delay and cost associated with sending oil to distant laboratories for testing. Immediate condition awareness also allows the team to take action while on site, further reducing cost.

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