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Sensored Termination Enables Real-time Monitoring in Underground Distribution

The 3M Electrical Markets Division has introduced a new sensing solution that enables power utilities to monitor their underground distribution systems, helping utilities realize the benefits of their grid automation systems. The 3M Sensored Termination QX-Series supports applications such as volt/VAR optimization (VVO), fault detection, isolation and restoration (FDIR), asset management and load balancing.

3m terminationThe ability to acquire accurate data from critical points throughout the underground medium-voltage distribution network is a key requirement for enhancing the reliability and efficiency of the grid. The sensored termination is designed to provide accurate voltage and current data through simple retrofits of existing power equipment, such as switchgear and transformers. The termination provides data that can enable real-time monitoring and control and automation capabilities throughout the underground MV distribution network.

The sensored termination from 3M offers the following features:

  • Accuracy: Provides a pathway to the conductor within the shielded cable, delivering accurate voltage and current waveforms in real time.
  • Quick and easy installation: Compact, one-piece mechanical and electrical connection requires minimal downtime to install. Cold shrink technology allows simple, fast, reliable installation without the use of special tools, sealants, adhesives, torches or other heat sources.
  • Factory calibration: The sensor is pre-calibrated and factory tested to ensure maximum reliability. No field calibration is required to maintain accuracy levels.
  • Allows easy retrofits: Enhances current infrastructure by adding measurement functionality to existing power equipment.


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