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SEL Simplifies Relay Panels With Enhanced SEL-400 Series Relays

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. has released an enhanced operator interface on the SEL-400 series relays. This enhancement provides new ways to integrate many control and indication components into the relay. Integrate breaker control switches, local operator controls, and status indication into one piece of equipment to simplify installation and improve reliability.

The field-configurable operator interface simplifies relay use. Operator pushbuttons allow users to control relay functions with a single button push. With target LEDs, operators can view status and alarms on the relay display. Built-in breaker control switches include arc-suppressed trip/close pushbuttons for reliable, independent breaker control.

Products with these enhancements include the:

  • SEL-421 High-Speed Line Protection, Automation, and Control System
  • SEL-451 Protection, Automation, and Control System
  • SEL-451-4 Bay Control, Automation, and Protection System

"Panel integration and simplification are very important to customers. Independent breaker status lamps and trip/close pushbuttons are a big part of this," said SEL Field Application Engineer Lee Underwood. "These relays provide even more opportunities to replace and simplify panel switches and indication."

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