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SEL Offers Recloser Controls, Fault Indicators in Package

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. is offering recloser controls and fault indicators as a solutions package. Customers will receive a 5% discount on the price of the SEL-351R Recloser Control, SEL-351R Falcon Recloser Control, or SEL-651R Advanced Recloser Control when purchased in addition to either 6 or 12 Overhead AutoRANGER (AR-OH) fault indicators.

The AR-OH offers features such as autoadjusting trip-level selection, temporary and permanent fault identification, an LED display, inrush restraint, and battery-saving technology.

When SEL fault indicators are combined with recloser controls, they can pinpoint the exact location of a fault even on lateral feeds, something neither product can do on its own. When a fault occurs, the SEL recloser control reports the distance from the recloser to the fault. For lines with branches, however, the recloser control cannot determine on which branch of the line the fault has occurred. By following the line along the tripped fault indicators, the line crew can easily find the area of the fault, make the repair, and restore service.

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