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SEL Book Describes Significant Challenges and Opportunities for Today’s Electric Power Systems

SEL Book Describes Significant Challenges and Opportunities for Today’s Electric Power Systems

A new book publishing in June 2010, Modern Solutions for Protection, Control, and Monitoring of Electric Power Systems, addresses the most pressing concerns and challenges of today’s electric power systems and proposes solutions for them. Modern Solutions describes approaches, new technologies, and examples for power system engineers, decision-making personnel at electric utilities and industries, and university students and faculty.

Edited by Héctor J. Altuve Ferrer and Edmund O. Schweitzer, III, the book combines the expertise of 15 engineers working at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) on power system protection, control, monitoring, and communication. Modern Solutions discusses topics crucial to an understanding of power system complexities and trends:

  • Reduced operating margins resulting from limitations on new transmission lines and generating stations
  • Variable and less predictable power flows stemming from new generation sources and free energy markets
  • Modern protection, control, and monitoring solutions to prevent and mitigate blackouts
  • Time-synchronized protection, control, and monitoring
  • Distribution systems that safely operate and rapidly restore power after faults
  • Transmission protection solutions that improve stability, detect power swings, and help operators get the most out of their primary equipment
  • Modern solutions for transformer and generator protection and monitoring
  • Wide-area protection and control using synchrophasors
  • Increased communications and automation required with the advent of the smart grid
  • Integrated IED networks that collect and process data into applicable information
  • Cybersecurity threats and a security-in-depth toolkit
  • Protection system reliability and testing
  • Using power system information for asset management

Chapter authors include Héctor J. Altuve Ferrer, Edmund O. Schweitzer, III, Gabriel Benmouyal, David A. Costello, David J. Dolezilek, Armando Guzmán Casillas, Daqing Hou, Brian A. McDermott, Joseph B. Mooney, Allen D. Risley, Ronald A. Schwartz, Veselin Skendzic, Michael J. Thompson, Demetrios A. Tziouvaras, and Gregary C. Zweigle.

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