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SEL and B&B Electronics Join Forces for Hardened Communications Products

Communications products from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. are now available in the B&B Electronics Manufacturing Company catalogs and web pages. SEL and B&B Electronics are working together to bring the ultrahardened communications solutions closer to end users.

"The inclusion of SEL products in B&B Electronics’ catalog is a win-win situation and allows SEL to reach even more customers,” said SEL Vice President of Sales and Customer Service Erik Newman. “The SEL-3010 Event Messenger, SEL-2725 Five-Port Ethernet Switch, and complete line of SEL transceivers are exactly the kinds of innovative, economical, and reliable products that B&B Electronics customers can benefit from. I’m looking forward to seeing more SEL products included in future B&B Electronics’ catalogs as we continue to work together to share our new and exciting technologies with so many diverse customers.”

B&B Electronics designs and manufactures data communications products for commercial and industrial applications. It sells throughout the world with primary markets being North America, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. In addition to manufacturing products, B&B Electronics is a value-added distributor for other quality vendors.

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