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SEL Adds the SEL-3332 Intelligent Server to the IEC 61850 Family

The SEL-3332 Intelligent Server is now available from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories with IEC 61850 communications.

The SEL-3332 offers a wide array of protocols and enterprise features to collect data and make the information available to SCADA, EMS, and data historians. The SEL-3332 also has features that allow it to do complex calculations and automation logic, log event and change data, and allow engineering access to connected IEDs.

The Intelligent Server joins 14 other SEL IEC 61850 products that now include programmable automation controllers, computing platforms, transformer monitors, bay controllers, and relays that protect transmission lines, distribution feeders, buses, motors, and transformers. Versatile acSELerator Architect SEL-5032 Software streamlines configuration tasks.

The SEL-3332 Intelligent Server as well as other SEL products were used in the world’s first multivendor IEC 61850 substation, Eolico Park La Venta II.

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