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Scada-Mate CX Switches Can Now Be Manually Operated

Scada-Mate CX Switches Can Now Be Manually Operated

In response to customer requests for a reliable manual switch featuring circuit making and circuit breaking within sealed interrupters, S&C has developed a fully manual, hookstick-operated version of the Scada-Mate CX Switch. Manually operated Scada-Mate CX Switches provide the same three-pole group operation and ratings as Scada-Mate CX Switches: 900 A continuous and interrupting at 14.4 and 25 kV, with a five-time duty-cycle fault-closing rating of 20,000 A, RMS, asymmetrical. Features include:

  • Integral spring-loaded hookstick operating mechanism. With just one pull of a hookstick, circuit making/circuit breaking is performed inside the sealed interrupters, in a controlled sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) environment. The interrupting performance with the spring-loaded mechanism is independent of the speed of the operator. Interrupter position is clearly visible on the open/closed indicator on the side of the base.
  • Easy installation. A permanently attached single-point retractable lifting bracket provides convenient rigging and hoisting.
  • Optional integral visible-break disconnect. Features three single-phase hookstick-operated blades based on S&C’s proven Loadbuster Disconnect design.
  • Automation ready. It is possible to change out the manual operator for the automated stored-energy operator to convert the switch for automation applications with the IntelliTEAM II Automatic Restoration System. The conversion also requires adding any required sensors to the switch along with cable to the control.
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