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S&C Transformer Protectors Provide Complete Transformer Protection Package in Namibia

Remote substations can be a challenge — and the utility responsible for providing electricity to Namibia and much of South Africa had several new remote substations that needed transformer protection. Some of these substations served critical loads, like a regional airport. The utility had been using power fuses for smaller substations, but it wanted a protective device with additional capabilities due to the critical loads served. It also wanted to minimize maintenance requirements, given how remote the substations were — and they didn’t want the maintenance expenses associated with a circuit breaker.

After reviewing the options, the utility was introduced to Trans-Rupter II Model SE. All were impressed by its simple design, ease of installation, minimal maintenance requirements, and self-powered relay package. However, the utility had no experience installing the Trans-Rupter II and wanted additional start-up support.

With the assistance of S&C Brasil, the utility had several trial Trans-Rupter II units shipped to Africa. An S&C engineer traveled to Namibia to assist them in training their employees on the new equipment. The S&C engineer provided an overview of the installation process — from erection to writing to testing — along with background on the application of a transformer protective device. The utility trainees commented that the product was more advanced than power fuses, but not much harder to install. They found that wiring and testing of the relays was simple and straightforward.

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