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S&C Joins APPA RP3 Industry Support Council

S&C has joined the American Public Power Association’s (APPA’s) RP3 Industry Support Council. RP3 is APPA’s program to encourage public power systems to demonstrate basic proficiency in four important areas: reliability, safety, training, and system improvement. Utilities conduct assessments of their performance in these areas, and based on their accomplishments, the utility may be ranked with a diamond, platinum, or gold designation.

As a member of the RP3 Reliability Support Council, S&C is a resource for utilities that are interested in improving overall system reliability and thus increasing their RP3 ranking. S&C offers a wide range of products designed to improve reliability, such as IntelliTEAM II Automatic Restoration System, IntelliRupter PulseCloser, and TripSaver Dropout Recloser. S&C’s Power Systems Services can also conduct reliability studies to help maximize the reliability, efficiency, and safety of an electric power system.

S&C also offers a variety of seminars and workshops to the industry. These training opportunities have contributed to the professional development of thousands of individuals who have applied the expertise gained from these courses to their own systems and facilities.

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