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S&C Electric to Display Fault Interrupters, Restoration System, Dropout Recloser at IEEE Show

S&C Electric Company is exhibiting a variety of products at the 2006 IEEE/PES T&D Exposition this May, including a breakthrough in overhead line protection, an automatic circuit restoration system, an overhead lateral circuit protection device, and a new power quality product for wind farm applications. Of special interest at this year's show are:

  • IntelliRupter PulseCloser—-a unitized package of fault-interrupting and control components that provides fault isolation and circuit restoration functions on 15.5-kV and 27-kV overhead distribution systems.
  • IntelliTEAM III Automatic Restoration System—-the latest generation of IntelliTEAM, specifically designed to work with IntelliRupter and the new SpeedNet Radio. With IntelliTEAM III, protection coordination settings can be configured automatically.
  • TripSaver Dropout Recloser—-this self-powered, electronically controlled vacuum recloser for overhead lateral circuits is offered in system class voltage ratings of 15.5 and 27 kV, and can be installed in new and existing cutout mountings.
  • Circuit-Isolator II Disconnect—-a three-pole group-operated isolating disconnect specifically designed for use in distribution substations in ratings of 69-kV through 138-kV.
  • PureWave ESA Electronic Shock Absorber—-an innovative grid stabilizing device for wind farm applications on small or isolated electric systems.
  • Vista Underground Distribution Switchgear—-new single-way model uniquely designed to fit through wind tower doors in rating of 15.5-kV through 38-kV.

Personnel from S&C’s Power Systems Services will be on hand to discuss electric system consulting, analytical studies, design engineering, field service, lagoratory studies, and seminars and workshops.

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