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S&C Electric Co. Introduces 3rd Generation Self-Healing Systems for Smart Grid

S&C Electric Co. has announced an enhanced product and software suite for the intelligent distribution grid featuring IntelliTEAM SG, S&C’s third-generation Automatic Restoration System. This advanced solution performs fault isolation and rapid self-healing of the distribution system, restoring power in seconds. IntelliTEAM SG also reduces the complexity of deploying advanced distribution automation.

IntelliTEAM SG leverages decentralized intelligence and peer-to-peer networking technology to accomplish restoration faster than any other solution available on the market. The power grid is becoming increasingly dynamic and complex, driven by requirements to integrate renewable energy like solar, wind or stored energy sources, as well as the need to address peak loading issues and the demand aberrations of plug-in electric vehicles. IntelliTEAM SG provides an efficient, flexible, robust solution that will be required to handle these complex requirements. It is also a scalable solution that addresses diverse requirements, from the simplest to the most complex systems. It can encompass a virtually unlimited number of devices.

As part of its enhanced product suite, S&C announced the launch of additional new features that include an option for single-phase tripping on IntelliRupter. IntelliRupter uses S&C’s PulseClosing Technology, which significantly reduces wear-and-tear on utility distribution systems.

The company has also launched SpeedLINK Radio Network Monitoring Software, which complements the SpeedNet system by allowing utilities to monitor the health of their radio network. With SpeedLINK, users are alerted to potential problems in their communications network so they can solve problems before they occur.

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