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S&C Announces Third-Party Listings for PMH and PME Pad-Mounted Switchgear

S&C has announced the UL listing of its 14.4-kV Manual PME and PMH Pad-Mounted Gear, and a CSA listing of the 14.4-kV and 25-kV Manual PMH Pad-Mounted Gear.

CSA and UL are among the 15 organizations currently recognized by OSHA as nationally recognized testing laboratories. These are the organizations that have the ability to list products and components.

In order to bear the “UL LISTED” symbol, a product must comply with the requirements of applicable national standards. UL has observed design tests on 14.4-kV Manual PMH and PME Pad-Mounted Gear per applicable standards — C37.74 and C57.12.28 — and has provided third-party certification of the ratings.

The S&C manufacturing facilities in Chicago and Toronto have the ability to build PMH Pad-Mounted Switchgear that is listed by CSA International, the Canadian Standards Association. A CSA listing is similar to a UL listing, however, CSA listed switchgear has been tested in accordance with Canadian standards.

In addition to observing design tests per certain standards, CSA and UL also perform regular process conformance inspections of its production facilities in S&C’s Metal-Enclosed Gear Product Division.

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