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S&C and Doble Establish Alliance to Broaden Asset Management Capabilities

S&C Electric Co. and Doble Engineering Co. have announced a strategic alliance to expand S&C's existing asset management capabilities. S&C can now monitor all critical equipment in an electrical substation through its work with Doble.

Proactive asset monitoring can help identify equipment issues early and thus extend the life of customers' power equipment. This alliance allows S&C to provide secure cloud-based monitoring for a variety of critical substation assets, including power transformers and circuit breakers and S&C's IntelliTeam solutions. Using Doble's Asset Risk Management System, dobleARMS, S&C can gather real-time condition based data on substation equipment using pre-installed or deployed sensors.

"dobleARMS goes beyond condition-based maintenance by providing real-time event notifications built around a sophisticated suite of analytical tools that integrate and interpret power equipment data," said Donald Angell, vice president of Strategy and Solutions at Doble Engineering Co.. "Similar to a car's 'check engine' light coming on, our system will notify S&C of specific issues with critical power equipment so that they can respond to concerns and fix any problems."

Leveraging Doble's Asset Risk Management System, S&C can identify, communicate and resolve equipment problems before they become disruptive. The interface enables S&C's technical experts to proactively monitor equipment 24 hours a day from S&C's Global Support & Monitoring Center and to provide solutions and field services to resolve equipment issues.

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